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40th Anniversary Edition - May 2019

It's Time To Celebrate!

"Our Rock Star Group"..... is how we would sum up the OWT employees reading this newsletter. Each of you give 100% working as part of an impressive team. Thank you for being part of the OWT Rock Star Team!

--Mike & Robbie Kern

Design Trends

Bring greenery into your homespace

It's amazing what a little color can do to make a place feel homey and comfortable. Try accenting with colorful seasonal plants and foliage in creative areas like the bathroom, patios, and table centerpieces.

The Funnys

Fun Video of the Month

This will be us in 10 years!!! You can't help but smile :)

Birthdays & Other Celebrations

Rick - May 14th

Marilyn - May 10th

Thank You Until Next Month!!

Please keep the great ideas, photos, and content coming!

Ideas submitted by the 15th of the month will be included in the next month's newsletter.

Please feel free to email, call, or text me anytime!!

Thank you, and have a great month!!

Alex Barnett, OWT PR Representative



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