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August 2020

New Interior Decoration Trends for 2021



Natural materials

Contact with nature is indispensable and has become increasingly distant in our daily lives living in big cities. We have lost contact with heaven, earth, water and all the elements we find outdoors that make us feel fresh, relaxed and one with the earth.

How can we incorporate these elements of nature back into our life? The best way is to incorporate them inside our houses. The most obvious way, is through plants, but not the only one, you can also use other elements that are found in nature in your decoration: stone, wood, sea shells, containers with beach sand, wood or straw. Or you can also add photographs or murals of these elements, if you don’t have the real elements at hand. -

How to Care for Onyx Countertops


Every type of natural stone countertop is unique. This helps to create a different appearance among different types of stone, and also means that you need to care for each type of stone differently. If you are considering having onyx countertops installed, you may be wondering what type of care they require. Here are the care instructions for an onyx countertop.


Onyx countertops should be sealed when they are initially installed. Sealing helps to fill in the pores in the stone that absorb liquids. This helps to decrease the chances of your onyx countertop becoming stained. While you can seal onyx yourself, having a professional complete this process is recommended. In addition to sealing the stone when it is first installed, it should be sealed every one to three years thereafter.

Routine Cleaning

Onyx is a soft stone. As such, it will react negatively to acidic cleaners. Most traditional household cleaners, including window or glass cleaners, vinegar, bleach, and regular kitchen cleaners are too harsh for onyx. As such, you should look for a stone cleaner specifically designed for cleaning onyx. Additionally, you can wipe away dust or small spills with a water-dampened microfiber cloth as needed.


As an onyx countertop is used, it can develop stains, imperfections or small scratches. Utilizing a cutting board, cleaning up spills immediately, and sealing an onyx countertop can decrease the odds of this happening. If damage is done that cannot be cleaned, polishing can be done by a professional. Polishing buffs out imperfections, leaving you with a smooth, fresh onyx surface.


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