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October 2020



Ristorante d’autore Nature Works the form of nature curated by Adi Veneto & Trentino Alto Adige delegation

Concept and coordination: Carlo Trevisani, Luca Facchini and Paolo Criveller


Nature releases welcoming and relaxing energy. Ristorante d’Autore “Nature Works”: where excellent food will be served together with carefully selected wines to create a welcoming, convivial and relaxing venue. The theme underlying this project – part of The Italian Stone Theatre in Hall 1 at Marmomac – is to explore the features of rock in nature in order to interpret them and give shape to objects furnishing the location so that guests feel welcomed by the movement and sensations of the rocky landscapes.

The material representing the forms of nature will include marble or natural stone, shaped and modelled by passing time. Over thousands of years, water, wind and stone merge to create a single, constantly changing form. Nature surrounds each element and our mother earth presents herself to us through the gaze of millennia.

The Restaurant, which will welcome the cuisine of prestigious star chefs, will feature 14 projects, each of which will be a snapshot captured by the designer’s eye. The entire setting will be surrounded by evocative tree species.

Marmomac Academy: Giuseppe Fallacara with “Stereotomy and Stone Design”


Marmomac Academy is the educational project developed by Marmomac, intended for all architects and companies that are continually looking for a training course and those who want to discover the most exciting aspects of marble.



For this special edition of Marmomac Re-Start Digital Edition, the Academy offers an unmissable opportunity for Continuing Education for professionals and enthusiasts, with a full program of webinars and digital sessions ranging from the more technical issues related to geology, maintenance, and restoration up to design and architecture.

On October 1st the webinbar “Stereotomy and Stone Design” will take place from 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm, held by architect Giuseppe Fallacara.
The focus topic will be stone design, stone element design, stereotomy, and parametric stone modeling both through the presentation of specific case studies and application examples of parametric design.

Graduated in Architecture in 2000 and Ph.D. in Architectural Design for Mediterranean countries since 2004, Giuseppe Fallacara has been a researcher since 2005 at the ICAR 14 Department of the Faculty of Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Bari, where he is a professor of Architectural Design and History of Stereotomy.
He is also a visiting professor at the universities of Rome, Ferrara, Paris, Lyon, Madrid, Lisbon, Budapest, Washington, Melbourne, Blidà, New York, and Moscow.

One of the most exemplary and extraordinary buildings of his long-time work is the SNBR company’s headquarters with a structure in stone arches.
The SNBR office building was designed for the French company of the same name in Saint-Savine – Troyes, which specializes in the restoration and construction of stone artifacts through processing with CNC machines.

The goal was to create a building that would represent the identity of the company, which works with stone. Despite being an ancient material, it has evolved into highly innovative techniques. From the relationship between tradition and innovation, the idea of building a supporting stone structure was conceived and developed with the most modern processing technologies.

The creation of the form-structure of the arch represents a bridge between the past and the future. The building was conceived as a large roof, under which the functional program can be freely organized. The idea of creating a roof that coincides with the internal space of the building is the archetype of architecture, linked to the concept of appropriation and protection of man’s space from the external environment. Essentially, a unique gesture to create architectural space.

Supporting the large roof are four stone arches, with a span of 16 meters and a height of 6 meters, therefore with meager proportions. The arches are on eight reinforced concrete abutments that raise them from the floor about 1.8 meters, thus making the area below usable.

The development of the arch’s architectural form was articulated around the optimization of the structural shape, to minimize the thickness of the stone, linked to a concept of extreme experimentation of the stone material’s potential.

The parabolic curve of the soffit “follows” the pressure curve to which the arch is subjected. The double sloping upper straight lines were designed to directly support the wooden structure of the roof. Finally, the curvilinear joints’ modeling increases the contact surface between the segments and, consequently, their friction.


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