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February 2021

10 Most Popular Granite Colors of 2020-2021


Granite is one of the most popular stone options for kitchens and bathrooms for a reason. People searching for the best granite countertops discover a huge range of colors that translate into a variety of applications. Whether you’re looking to turn a traditional space into something more modern or add a touch of class to an otherwise bland and modern kitchen, granite is perfect for you.

When people start their home renovation journeys, the sheer number of granite options is often a surprise – and exciting. Choosing from some 14,000 stone varieties at Granite Selection presents so many opportunities, and with our exceptionally talented and experienced team members, we can help you choose the perfect option.


Azurite granite definitely fits into the “veins and patterns” trend for 2020 and 2021. Offering amazing and detailed natural patterns in a variety of colors. We’re talking grays, browns, blues, creams, and a touch of gold. It’s perfect for understated kitchens that need a pop of color.

Typhoon Green

A medium toned olive green stone; Typhoon Green has a veiny natural stone surface.  It features gold, brown, and grey highlights. Typhoon Green granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity countertops, and fireplaces. It is one of the rarest granites and can vary from batch to batch, although its unique pattern remains consistent. Its highlight colors range from dark warm brown to light pastel green.


Andromeda White

Andromeda White granite gives classic granite surfaces an ultra-modern look. This speckled white and beige stone has some small streaks and grain throughout and offers a clean and simple design that isn’t boring either.


Amadeus stands out, with varying shades of blue that come together to create an ocean look. The grain in the stone almost looks like waves crashing, with white foam and crystal highlights within it. It really catches the eye.


Almond Gold

Almond Gold is pure natural gold, with varying shades of cream speckled throughout. Some even notice a green tinge. It features a “chunk” effect throughout, as opposed to waves and lines.

Our white granite project makes a perfect addition to this list and completely transforms your kitchen!

Take a look!


Nordic Black

For an alluring appearance in shades of mystifying black woven with fine whites, this trendy granite looks and feels like suede. Originating in Canada, this stone has a polished antique look. Nordic Black is a mid-range granite and can range from cool taupe-like tones to warm honey. Though it feels like suede, Nordic Black is as durable as any granite.


African Ivory

Another one of the most popular granite colors, African Ivory is made up of cream, gold, blue, and gray. It looks like a birds-eye shot of the desert, with varying natural patterns that range from speckles to streaks.


Originating in Brazil, Picasso is also known by industry experts as “Crazy Horse”. Picasso Granite is sure to bring life to any kitchen or bathroom countertop, fireplace, or even flooring. It is a bold and creative natural stone with brown and gold veiny colors. It takes after Pablo Picasso’s unique style. Even though the golden brown veining is a busy pattern, the dark speckling gives this stone a cohesive, natural look.



Originating in India, Rosewood is a natural stone used for both indoor and outdoor countertops, as it can withstand subzero temperatures. Considered one of the classiest granites, its primary color is peach, speckled with light gray and brown.  A strong, lively pattern, Rosewood has a rosy gold appearance and is admired for its finish and shine.  With its rosy tones, Rosewood is sure to bring warmth to any home.

Namibian Gold

With warm, rich hues of cafe brown and khaki tones embedded with obsidian and mica, Namibian Gold is aesthetically pleasing and is a fantastic choice of stone for kitchen countertops, floors and walls — both indoors and outdoors. Deep grey veining and black mica chips come together to create a gorgeous pattern that is woven throughout the golden granite countertops, and depict the perfect setting for warm and joyful moments in the kitchen. Namibian Gold can make a statement all on its own or can be complemented by Tumbled Marble backlash tiles.​

What styles are out this year?

Gray kitchen interiors may become less popular.

Interior designer Rachel Street, host of DIY Network's "Philly Revival," told Insider that shiplap is one of the fastest fading trends.

Once used to waterproof boats, shiplap siding became a trendy way to decorate interior walls in the 2010s. 

"Shiplap appears in nearly every TV home-makeover show, but there are so many other emerging ways of bringing texture into a space," she said.

Street added that tile, plaster, rattan, or living walls of plants are set to become more popular in 2021, instead.--


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