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Old World Tile & Granite Co.
Guide to Granite & Natural Stone
Counter Top Edges

Standard Edges:

These classic granite edge styles are budget friendly while still providing a finished look to your granite or natural stone counter tops. They are typically included as options in the price quote for your project, and 3cm material is required for these granite counter top edge finishes.

Sq Eas Egde.png
Demi Bullnose Edge.png

Sqaured Eased Edge

Demi Bullnose Edge

Ogee Edge.png

Ogee Edge

Bevel Standard Edge.png
Full Bullnose Edge.png

Bevel Edge

Full Bullnose Edge

Dupont Edge.png

Dupont Edge

Upgrade 1: Laminate Edges

Granite and natural stone counter top laminate edges are made by cutting an extra thin strip of your chosen granite or natural stone material, and then flipping it underneath the counter top slab and attaching it - like a stone sandwich! This small detail to your new granite or natural stone counter tops can make a huge difference to your kitchen or bathroom by adding a fullness to your counter tops and giving them a more substantial feel and look. The additional cost to your quote covers the extra material and polishing required to finish your upgraded counter top edges.

Square Laminate.png

Square Eased Laminate

Bevel Laminate

Bullnose Laminate

Demi-Bullnose Laminate

Ogee Laminate

Dupont Laminate

Upgrade 2: Offset Laminate & Specialty Edges

This category of granite and natural stone counter top edges represent the ultimate in sophistication not only in the finished look of your new counter tops, but also in the process, precision, and experience required to produce them. The offset edge selections are particularly recommended for large kitchens where the complex edge designs are given space to flow in long lines along the surfaces. Selecting the right edge for your granite or natural stone counter tops makes a huge difference in how they will fit into the overall look of your space, visually integrating with your flooring, cabinets, back splashes, and wall color. The design team at Old World Tile & Granite Co. are experts at helping you select the best granite or natural stone material and combining it with the best edge option to give your kitchen or bathroom that perfectly refined look.

Mitered Edge

Chiseled Edge

Ogee Bullnose

Dupont Bullnose

Ogee Offset

Dupont Offset

Ogee Demi-Bullnose Offset

Dupont Demi Offset

Ogee Bullnose Offset

Dupont Bullnose Offset

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