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June 2020

 OWT's Animal  Loving Featured Employee Of The Month


This months pet loving featured employee for this month:


Rick Blanch

Here is his story... Baylee, was one of 150 dogs rescued when an elderly woman died in southern Calif in late 2019.   It was on the news and featured on Hallmark channel.

On Jan 2020 a representative and friend of Rick's transported Baylee to his new  family.   

He’s 10 years old and spent his entire life in a kennel.  He is alive but he disposition is poor.  

They had to teach him how to be a dog and love.

I am so moved by this hart warming story that demonstrates so much compassion!

The picture of all four dogs all the rescue dogs that came before Baylee starting from the top left clockwise...    

Tucker collie 2.5 yrs

Toby doxie 8 yrs

Bella chichuchu 10/11 yrs

Ctr picture Sophie doxie 14 yrs



Amazing Water Jet Talent!

Created By:

Philip Kern 

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