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March 2021

Excited to be a part of the newest Chapter of HomeAid!


Fun is had by all, as our community collaberates to raise money to support HomeAid


 All fun as our Industry collaborates together.


The Mission:

Through housing development and community outreach, our mission is to help those experiencing homelessness to build new lives. HomeAid Phoenix works with impactful nonprofit organizations that are in need of additional capacity to provide housing, resources, and other supports to help those experiencing homelessness get back on their feet. Our unique approach brings together the home building industry, community partners, and individuals around a shared vision for driving change and maximizing community impact.

Their Story:

“As home builders, it should come as no surprise that we believe everyone deserves a safe, stable and dignified place to call home,” said Brad Schoenberg, president of Taylor Morrison’s Phoenix Division and the newly elected board president of HomeAid Phoenix. “HomeAid Phoenix is a more direct opportunity for our industry to come together to help provide housing and improve the lives of those in our community experiencing homelessness.”

An estimated 7,400 people experience homelessness on any given night across the Valley, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. In late 2019, HomeAid America - a national nonprofit that provides housing opportunities and related resources for Americans experiencing homelessness - launched a Phoenix chapter in partnership with some of the region’s leading home builders. 

Working with some of the Valley's most impactful nonpfrofit organizations, HomeAid Phoenix is working to become an integral part of the community's fight to end homelessness. In communities across the country, HomeAid has built more than 550 housing and shelter projects valued at more than $230 million, of which nearly 50 percent was donated in-kind by the building industry. 

A unique and collaborative approach:

Through housing development and community outreach, our mission is to help those experiencing homelessness to build new lives.  Our approach provides a platform for the home building industry, community partners, and individuals to come together around a shared vision for driving change and maximizing community impact.

Housing Development:

In partnership with the Valley’s home building industry (builders, trade and service partners, and their employees), local nonprofit organizations, and community leaders – we build and maintain housing for those experiencing homelessness. By leveraging our relationships within the home building industry to garner in-kind donations of expertise, labor, and materials, we are able to build high quality housing and at a fraction of the typical cost. This collaboration allows nonprofit organizations to reinvest resources into life-changing programs, like financial education, career training, parenting skills, and other socio-emotional supports and counseling that help move families from homelessness to stability.

Philip earned the title of top shooter on 2/11, while shooting with the Plute/ interior logic team


OWT moves on to participate in the next round of competition on march 17th!

Impressive Granite Statue

D.C.'s Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial shares the dream

Entering the peaceful plaza, you walk between two enormous chunks of granite that symbolize the mountain of despair and King's struggles. A third piece of granite, the Stone of Hope, pushes out ahead bearing King's likeness. A 450-foot inscription wall includes excerpts from his speeches and sermons. The memorial was dedicated on October 16, 2011.

Pink and white

Although on a sunny day the memorial looks as white as concrete, it is actually made of pink granite quarried in China.

"When it's wet and rainy, it looks very pink," said Michael Kelly, a National Park ranger, who went on to explain the relevance.


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Brandi R.

Mar 12th 

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Mar 23rd

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