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Monthly Newsletter

May 2020



OWT recognizes the seriousness of the Coronavirus pandemic and the wide ranging toll it is taking on our community. Many of the people around the world are struggling in ways that none of us could have ever anticipated. OWT will continue to do our best with social distancing, full staff wearing masks, and offering teleworking for those positions that permit.

We shout out with praise to the first responders making a considerable sacrifice to protect our community. Along with a debt of gratitude to those people staying home. Your selflessness is saving lives. While you may never know exactly whose life you’ve saved your actions are undoubtedly heroic.

We look forward to this threat being behind us and we can all resume previous ways of life and business. Stay safe, stay well, stay home.

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Flower of the week.

Blooming  in Monday morning emails, thanks to Char!

During the week please add to the bouquet when you have a flower to share that lifts the spirit.


Come Celebrate With Us!


Joke Of The Month


Darren has always been ahead of his time...However no one wears a kilt like he does!

Fun Video of the Month

This will make you smile!!

Birthdays & Other Celebrations

Uriel G.

May 5th

With OWT Since



Javier R.

May 11th

With OWT Since


Rick B.

May 14th

With OWT Since


Thank You Until Next Month!!

Please keep the great ideas, photos, and content coming!

Ideas submitted by the 15th of the month will be included in the next month's newsletter.

Please feel free to email, call, or text me anytime!!

Thank you, and have a great month!!

Alex Barnett, OWT PR Representative



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